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We develop and manufacture control systems for more than four decades. Based on our experience in a variety of industries, we are in a position to offer a broad spectrum of proven solutions.

As a technology partner for many key sectors of the economy, we enjoy a reputation among our international clients for quality and competence.

With us as your partner and supported by our know-how and innovative solution strategies, you can be confident of reaching your goal, both efficiently and affordably.

Products and services

  • Automation in the glass industry

  • FMT24S Flexible Modular Timing System

  • FDU24S Flexible Drive Unit

  • ASDR2 Autonomous Stuck And Down Ware Reject System

  • DPR1 Double Parison Reject System

  • FLC Futronic Lehr Control System

  • EPRO Upgrade Kit (Retrofit)

  • MTO Mobile Tablet Operator

  • EKS Electronic Key System

  • FBC Futronic Blow Machine Control System

  • FPC Futronic Press Machine Control System
FMT24S Flexible Modular Timing System

The FMT24S is a distributed control system that is capable of controlling all sequences and processes on an IS machine with anything up to 24 sections. Thanks to the consistent deployment of modern, low-maintenance bus technology, the system is fully scalable and can be flexibly adapted to meet highly specific requirements.

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FDU24S Flexible Drive Unit

The FDU24S is a servo drive system that combines flexibility with maximum precision when individual mo-tion sequences have to be synchronised in the machines. From servo feeders through servo shears to servo gob distributors – with the FDU24S, all servo mechanisms can be parametrised and monitored using a single, central control. The full power of the FDU24S is unleashed when teamed up with our FMT24S machine control.

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MTO Mobile Tablet Operator

Our FMT24S can also be operated in a wireless network (WLAN) using a standard industrial tablet. Func-tional tests can then be performed directly on the machine, for instance, thanks to this mobile solution. Much less time is necessary to check individual functions.

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News & Innovations

Turning Old Into New
The EPRO (Economic Production) is one of futronic’s most successful and most reliable machine controls. Even now, more than 300 EPRO controlled systems are currently productive worldwide. In the meantime, however, the ArcNet communication structure in particular is outdated and several components of the EPRO, originally launched in the market in the early nineties, are no longer manufactured and therefore difficult to get hold of. The EPRO Upgrade Kit is a bridging technology developed by futronic which brings yesterday’s controls back up to date on the basis of the FMT24S in return for an altogether manageable investment. The costs for a retrofit with the EPRO Upgrade Kit are only about a third of the outlay for complete refurbishment including a new FMT control.
FMT24S – our IS machine control for more performance and flexibility

Thanks to modern IS machines, turning a handful of silica sand into a bottle is hardly rocket science any more. Yet the ability to meet complex specifications regarding productivity, quality and energy efficiency remains an art not everyone can master.

The performance and flexibility of the control system are crucial here. The control is responsible for fine tuning each of the processes involved – from feeder indexing through the reject system and error detection to the annealing lehr control.

This control family from the futronic stable is optimally equipped to handle these challenges. It centres around the FMT24S, our IS machine control, which is equally ideal as a standalone solution or for modernis-ing individual sections on an existing line.

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum productivity

  • Individually optimised processes

  • Future-proof communication technology

  • Only minimal maintenance required

  • Small footprint

  • Low capital investment

  • Long-term availability guarantee

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