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Dr. Schenk offers precise and reliable optical glass inspection & glass measuring solutions for all kinds of flat glass manufacturing technologies and subsequent processing steps. This includes high-quality, customizable handling solutions.

Dr. Schenk solutions are at the heart of automated quality assurance and production process monitoring. The systems are a key success factor for a multitude of glass markets, for example display glass, automotive glass, structured solar glass and architectural glass.

Products and services

During China Glass 2018 Dr. Schenk will showcase GlassInspect and GlassMeasure, the perfect automatic surface inspection solution for all types of flat glass products.

As leading inspection solution for the glass industry, GlassInspect offers inspection coverage for all stages of the glass production, from raw glass to tempered, coated, and finished glass. Material properties such as coating thickness are monitored for 100% of the material with GlassMeasure.

Stop by our booth and see how GlassInspect with GlassMeasure can help you to optimize your product quality while increasing your profit.
GlassInspect for Float Glass Inspection

Dr. Schenk's GlassInspect for float glass inspection is an in-line inspection solution for quality assurance and process control for float and down draw glass manufacturing. GlassMeasure continuously examines 100% of the glass surface to monitor overall physical surface properties such as coating thickness, coating homogeneity, color variation, haze or surface topology.
GlassInspect for float glass inspection is used for local defect detection, e.g. bubbles, inclusions, tin defects, and reams.

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GlassInspect for Display & Touch Panel Inspection

Premium optical inspection & glass measurement solutions for all display & touch panel manufacturing technologies:

• Cover glass inspection (e.g. bare / decorated / printed / coated glass)
• Touch sensor inspection (e.g. one-glass-solutions OGS)
• Cell inspection
• Liquid crystal module inspection

In-line inspection of all glass types used in the making & processing of displays, e.g. mobile displays for smart phones, tablet-PCs & e-readers, and touch-sensitive display glass (e.g. OGS, TOL).

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GlassInspect for Patterned Glass Inspection

Detect local defects in patterned glass & simultaneously monitor material properties for 100% of the solar glass surface.
The Surface structure of glass substrates for silicon solar modules creates optical signals similar to actual defects. GlassInspect for patterned glass inspection precisely distinguishes between glass structure and defects, covering 100 % of the material surface & edges.
Typical tasks include detection of:
• bubble (long) defects
• bubble (round) defects
• glass chip defects

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