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UNGRICHT Roller + Engraving Technology was established in 1892 and is today one of the leading suppliers of rollers and their engraving, seeking a top position worldwide by continuously investing in the future. The UNGRICHT site comprises an area of 60.000 m2 with modern machinery and equipment. The total area for production, warehouses and administration alone amounts to 45.000 m2. Today, Ungricht has about 215 employees at its sole site at Mönchengladbach. The roller production consists of the manufacture of the roller body including its construction and engineering, surface treatment and various engraving departments as well as all important aspects of galvanic processes and plasma-ceramic coating. UNGRICHT has been acquired By Matthews International beginning of 2017.

Products and services

UNGRICHT Roller + Engraving Technology from Monchengladbach, Germany, is a specialist for manufacturing and engraving of rollers for various Industries and in special for Cast Glass production process. The company today has more than 215 employees and is the World leading supplier for embossing rollers. UNGRICHT has complete in-house manufacturing process for roller production and different engraving technologies which are needed to manufacture these very precise rollers used for PV+Solar Glass, Figured Glass, Glass Ceramic, Glass doors, Partition walls, Furniture, Shower cabins, Windows, Ceramic stove tops and more. UNGRICHT also serves other Industries like Steel - Automotive - Hygiene - Medical - Filtration ...in total more than 60 Industries

Karstr. 90
41068 Moenchengladbach

Phone: +49 2161 3590
Fax: +49 2161 359100
E-mail: info@ungricht.de
Internet: www.ungricht.de

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Robert Bruno
Sales Key Account Manager
Phone: +49 2161 359 137
E-mail: bruno@ungricht.de

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