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HELANTEC is the first address in the insulated glass industry for manual gas filling technology and gas concentration determination.

HELANTEC has its origins in gas analysis. This is why we are the specialists in the area of gas technology. Thanks to our knowledge of gases, their behaviour and characteristics, we have developed a broad spectrum of products and solutions for a wide variety of applications. HELANTEC is always your first contact wherever processes with gas must be regulated, monitored, visualised, and analysed. In recent years, documentation of gas filling processes has become a centre of focus.

Products and services

Gas filling machines for insulation glass, Gas analyser, Pressure adjustment, grinding wheels, consumables, sleeves and plugs, corner keys, argon filling.

gas filling machine RAPIDE L500

The RAPIDE L500 is the top selling gas filling system with fast-fill technology!

This gas filling system has proven itself for many years and represents the state of the technology. The investment volume of the system is unrivalled in terms of capacity.

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Gas Tester

The GAS TESTER is our lowest-price entry-level model for monitoring gas concentration. Naturally we have installed our proven analysis technology in this product as well.

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pressure adjustment system ISO-Altimeter professional

With the ISO-Altimeter PROFESSIONAL the IG unit is prepared in production in such a manner that it is flat at the higher altitude or lower altitude of the installation site. Additional after-treatment is not required!

The ISO-Altimeter PROFESSIONAL is the further development of our proven predecessor model. Intuitive operation via touch screen, clear user guidance and versatile functions are only a few of the features that characterise our pressure balance system.

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