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We develop and manufacture control systems for more than four decades. Based on our experience in a variety of industries, we are in a position to offer a broad spectrum of proven solutions. As a technology partner for many key sectors of the economy, we enjoy a reputation among our international clients for quality and competence. With us as your partner and supported by our know-how and innovative solution strategies, you can be confident of reaching your goal, both efficiently and affordably

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The FMT24S flexible modular timing system is a decentralised machine controller that controls any sequence or process on an IS machine with up to 24 sections. Due to the consistent use of modern, low-maintenance bus technology, the system is arbitrarily
scalable. This allows it to be adapted to the machines of different manufacturers and individual requirements in container glass production. Applications range from low-budget variants to modernise a 4-section machine to the high-end solution with 24 sections. This guarantees the greatest possible flexibility for
efficient production and maximum investment security.

FMT24S Flexible Modular Timing System

-Easy expandability
-Full servo integration
-Flexible production
-Usage of additional operating data
-Function monitoring
-Flexible user authorisation administration
-Permanent replacement parts guarantee
-Ease of maintenance
-Mobile operation using the MTO (Mobile Tablet for the Operator Terminal of the FMT24S)

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FDU24S Flexible Drive Unit

Whether servo feeders, servo shears, or servo
gob distributors, with the FDU24S any servo mechanism can be parameterised
and monitored through a single, central control system.
The drive system truly shows its full strength in
combination with the FMT24S. The FDU24S has a modular design and
is also available as a standalone solution. Existing systems can be
upgraded without problems.

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News & Innovations

EPRO Upgrade Kit
Even the best system needs to be renewed at someday. However,
renewing does not mean to replace completely. With the FMT24S
Central Processor we present the modern update for the longstanding
EPRO Control System. This change is urgently needed, as for
the ArcNet-System no spare parts will no longer be available in the
foreseeable future and thus problems in future production processes
are programmed. To avoid this situation, we have developed a
solution, which modernises your system where it is necessary, so
that you will have an up-to-date timing system. Instead of the old
DOS-computer a modern PC with Windows Operation System and
a special version of the FMT24S-Software will be used. The network
connection is done via an own Ethernet connection. The network
components like switches, cables and connector systems will be

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