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ULG-GmbH offers all kinds of repair and service to glass furnaces, as well as the sale of spare parts. Our focus lies on service and maintenance of any kind, especially the work on electrode holders, bubblers, thermocouples and measurements of all types, video
inspections, complete advice on all types of furnaces.

Our buniness manager, Mr. Udo Laiacker, has a wide experience working in the glass industry since 1986. In 1999 he founded his own company which he has successfully established in the international market.

Products and services

Electrode Booster Systems Molybdenum Electrodes for Furnace / Feeder Channel Permanent Drain Bubbling Cabinets / Ceramic Tubes Furnace Inspection / Video / IRCamera Glass Drain / Heat-Up / Recuperator Cleaning Thermocouples / Burner / Furnace Control
Diamond Tools / Drills / Chainsaws Worldwide Service for all Glass Furnaces

Harrbacher Weg 30
97753 Karlstadt

Phone: +49 9353 4926
Fax: +49 9353 996399
Internet: www.ulglass.de
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Contact person

Antje Birkenfeld
Management Assistant
Phone: +49 93534926
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P.R. China

Phone: +86 13771162752
Fax: +49 32 223707670
Internet: www.ulglass.de
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UL-Glass Co., Ltd. Thailand


Phone: +66 848657025
Fax: +49 32223707670
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Phone: +62 8563088708
Fax: +49 32223707670
Internet: www.ulglass.de
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