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EPRO Upgrade Kit

Even the best system needs to be renewed at someday. However,
renewing does not mean to replace completely. With the FMT24S
Central Processor we present the modern update for the longstanding
EPRO Control System. This change is urgently needed, as for
the ArcNet-System no spare parts will no longer be available in the
foreseeable future and thus problems in future production processes
are programmed. To avoid this situation, we have developed a
solution, which modernises your system where it is necessary, so
that you will have an up-to-date timing system. Instead of the old
DOS-computer a modern PC with Windows Operation System and
a special version of the FMT24S-Software will be used. The network
connection is done via an own Ethernet connection. The network
components like switches, cables and connector systems will be

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Exhibitor: futronic GmbH