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A+W Smart Companion: Scan smarter with smartphones

A+W Smart Companion
Scan smarter with smartphones

The barcode scanner has established itself as an indispensable tool in the flat glass and construction elements industry. From incoming goods receipt in the warehouse to status registration in production, on through to delivery confirmation; data is recorded via barcode scanning and transmitted to ERP and production systems.

However, the industrial scanner as we know it is quickly becoming obsolete. The smartphone, equipped with the A+W Smart Companion app, great computer power, and outstanding algorithms for handling graphics, is doing it in. The A+W Smart Companion assists along the entire value-creation chain and contributes to its digitalization, saving time and money.
With its A+W Smart Companion app, A+W is demonstrating where software development is heading. Scanning via smartphone app is easier than with customary scanners, it offers a multitude of possibilities, and it is cheaper too.

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Exhibitor: A+W Software GmbH