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A+W iShape: Digitizing stencils with the mobile phone camera

Glass processors often receive a chipboard or cardboard stencil from their customers to produce a non-rectangular glass sheet. Production on CNC machines requires digital data to define these forms.
The glass processor needs a flexible solution to generate the digital data from the template. Older digitization systems require special equipment and calibration – which is expensive and time-consuming. Against this background, A+W developed A+W iShape:
The stencil is photographed with a high-end mobile phone camera or similar in front of a printed reference object. The special: Unlike older solutions, no calibration of the camera used is required! A+W iShape works with every good mobile phone camera.
The photo is taken, the image is now displayed in the A+W CAD system
For further processing, the form is transferred to the A+W CAD Designer. The machine data is also generated here. The entire recording process only takes a few minutes

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Exhibitor: A+W Software GmbH