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Production control for gas presses

Currently, at least 1% of production must be checked and documented relative to gas concentration. At the same time however the producer must guarantee the assured characteristic for each individual product (100%).
In this regard, delimitation of risk is of central significance. Faulty products often cause undesired economic consequences and not infrequently result in sustained damage to the company’s image.
It is precisely at this point that present handling differs from the requirements of the market. This is where HELANTEC offers you the perfect solution.

Only HELANTEC makes it possible to visualise, monitor and document the gas filling process for gas filling presses

• monitors and visualises
- the gas filling process of each manufactured IG unit
- the gas type
- distribution of the gas during the filling process
• signals
- direct deviations from the setpoint (early warning)
- deviations in consumption
• documents the filling procedure
• presents a diagnostics aid (visualisation)

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Exhibitor: Helantec GmbH