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ISO-Altimeter professional Adjust the IG unit for the atmospheric pressure of the installation place

With the ISO-Altimeter PROFESSIONAL the IG unit is prepared in production in such a manner that it is flat at the higher altitude or lower altitude of the installation site. Additional after-treatment is not required!
The ISO-Altimeter PROFESSIONAL is the further development of our proven predecessor model. Intuitive operation via touch screen, clear user guidance and versatile functions are only a few of the features that characterise our pressure balance system.
Other special characteristics:
To achieve short cycle times, there has been a conversion to completely new technology. This enables us to execute the pressure balance with the highest accuracy and within the shortest time possible. To avoid operating errors, all data required for the pressure balance is loaded automatically from a list. The most efficient procedure is simply scanning a barcode on the IG unit.

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Exhibitor: Helantec GmbH